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The show selection dropbox on the order form below lists all shows currently available. The show schedule and this order form automatically update by 8:30am (M-F Los Angeles time) to display shows scheduled for the next 30 days. Shows/dates that are "sold out" or are more than 30 days from today will not be included as an option in the 'Select A Show' drop box. If you need more information about the shows including studio location and minimum age restrictions, return to our Show Schedule and click on any title.
An entry in all fields is required. After selecting the show and the number of tickets, enter your first and last name. If you prefer to omit your phone number, enter 0 (zero) and the order form will still work. However, please be sure to carefully enter a working email address. If an email address is not entered, you may receive a blank page after clicking "Submit".
Please print your ticket(s) When you click the "Submit" button below after completing the order form, your ticket(s) and a studio location map with parking/check-in information will be generated for printing. We do not email "confirmations"; however, a copy of your ticket(s) will be sent to the email address that you enter on the order form. We suggest that you print your ticket(s) immediately after submitting your request; however, for guests without access to a printer, printed tickets are not required. For more information, please see our FAQ
GROUPS (10+) If you have, or are part of a group of 10 or more and are interested in advance ticketing and/or fundraising opportunities, please contact our Group Department for more information.

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NUMBER OF TICKETS: (Maximum 6 under one name except as noted below*)
* Individual names/tickets are required for all shows filming at Warner Bros. Studios (currently Mom and The Conners), Sony Studios (One Day At A Time) and Fox Studios (Outmatched). When requesting tickets, please order and print a separate ticket (NUMBER OF TICKETS: 1) under his or her name for each guest attending. When the ticket is displayed, print that ticket then return to the order form. Change the name (only) and resubmit. Continue until you have an individual ticket for each guest.



For security reasons, a list of all ticket holders' names for a specific show may be provided
to a Studio Security Dept. or a show's production company if requested. Other than that exception,
your information, as submitted on this form, is for our records only and will not be shared with or made available
to any other company or organization and we will not contact you unless there is a show change or cancellation.
If you did not or could not print your tickets, please see our FAQ for more information.

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